Happy new year!

Just a short note to wish you all a “Happy New Year” but also to give you an update about what’s about to happen in the new year. Let’s start with www.dailyoffers.nl, the website that gives you updates on the daily discount offers. Before telling you about all kinds of new apps were working on, I wanted to say that for so long, we’ve been really keen to get in to closer contact with the core group of users to further developer the community. Because, after all, those users are key partners in making dailyoffers a success. And I mean it! Fortunately, over the past year, we’ve already gained a lot of contacts. This has resulted in a significant part of all the changes that you should have notices that last year.

Without getting into too much detail, here are some key words for some apps that we’re working on: archiving, searching, tracing, ranking, filtering. You’ll have to fantasize all the rest yourselves. You’ll understand that we don’t want to share too many details already. I don’t want to claim that these are all the greatest ideas in the world. As mentioned before, we need you to help us with that.

That was it for www.dailyoffers.nl. Other projects that I’m working on at the moment are www.radiointernational.tk, and much more. As I may have forgotten to announce, we bought a new car, being the Smart ForTwo coupe. We already had a lot of fun while driving it and there’s a lot of fun stuff we want to share on the net. More to come. For Radiointernational.tk you should be expecting a whole new style. This will enable the people over there to make a step forward in eventually taking the lead in expat radio broadcasting in the Netherlands, and of course, in global broadcasting of Eurovision updates. More details on both of those projects will be shared on my blog later. You might have noticed that my activities on web design have decreased somewhat over the last year. We’ll, please have a look at all that has happened over the year. Nevertheless, I’ll try to improve things this year.

The coming year will probably have even more changes that the last year. Suzanne and I are very much looking forward to it. Hopefully, for you as a reader, those changes will result in lots of new items in my blog.

I wish you a very happy new year 2009!