CSS Zen Garden

For months Fernando has been pushing me to create a style for Dave Sheas: CSS Zen Garden. Finally I have made my decision: I’m going to do it. The only question is: what will be the theme? I have been thinking about making it an improved and superior version of my Tropical FruitKick! concept. But no… that one just won’t have the magic.

So now I’m wondering around all day what kinds of topics would be nice. I came up with the following idea’s:

Sound (Voice, Music), Bacteria, Blood (Hemo, Plasma), Fruit (Oranges, Bananas, Grafefruit, Strawberry, Lichi), Windmills (Mills), Energy, Water, Trees (Leaves, Wood), Electronics (Electrons, Processor), BioMedical (Orthopedics, Artificial Organs, Bioadhesion),

If you have any suggestions let me know, if you have nice pictures I could be able to use, let me know too!

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